Ranking TOP8 LSAILON 4pcs Front and Rear End Kit Sway Bar Links Fit 2001-2010 Biggest Discount Offers

Ranking TOP8 LSAILON 4pcs Front and Rear End Kit Sway Bar Links Fit 2001-2010 Biggest Discount Offers This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Janitorial amp; Cleaning Supplies Country of manufacture: United States Manufacturer: TOUGH GUY Product description Recycled Can Liner, Capacity 45 gal., Color Clear, Super Heavy Strength Rating, Material Linear Low Repro, Width 40 In., Height 46 In., Thickness 2 mil, Seal Star, Max. Load 80 lb., Package Configuration Box, Bags per Roll/Pack 100, Package Quantity 100 Max 44% OFF Industrial Scientific => Material Handling Products => Drum Pail Handling Equipment LSAILON 4pcs Front and Rear End Kit Sway Bar Links Fit 2001-2010 Recycled Can Liner, 45 gal, Clear, 2 mil, PK100 our in-store sales team makes sure to understand every customer's personal needs and budgets while assisting them to make the best choice while buying their tech.
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Ranking TOP8 LSAILON 4pcs Front and Rear End Kit Sway Bar Links Fit 2001-2010 Biggest Discount Offers

Ranking TOP8 LSAILON 4pcs Front and Rear End Kit Sway Bar Links Fit 2001-2010 Biggest Discount Offers
Limited time for free shipping LSAILON 4pcs Front and Rear End Kit Sway Bar Links Fit 2001-2010 The Great Dinosaur Mystery -- A Musical Fossil Fantasy CDs Vinyl => Blues => Regional Blues our long-term commitment to exceeding customer expectations is the driving force behind our success. Ranking TOP8 LSAILON 4pcs Front and Rear End Kit Sway Bar Links Fit 2001-2010 Biggest Discount Offers Editorial Reviews Product Description Kids Can Solve the Great Dinosaur Mystery! IT'S A MYSTERY . . . and Detective Joe Kafootsie is on the case, plunging into the Mesozoic Era with singing paleontologist Dr. Vander PlasterCaster. How can the fossils at the museum's dinosaur exhibit be coming to life? Cryptic messages from ancient creatures are the only clues. What are the dinosaurs trying to tell us? It all adds up to another fossil fantasy from DinoRock. "Entertaining and enlightening. Surefire stuff!" --Mike Joyce, The Washington Post ". . . has the same high level of artistry, creativity, educational values and just plain fun as Dinosaur Rock!" --The Smithsonian Institution's Discovery Theater ". . . clever words and catchy tunes, accurate and entertaining dinosaur material." --Don Lessem, Founder of the Dinosaur Society (technical advisor to the film, Jurassic Park) 1998 Editor's Choice: Booklist Amazon.com What is it with kids and dinosaurs? This fascinating fascination with all things homunculus and extinct seems as old as time itself. On The Great Dinosaur Mystery: A Musical Fossil Fantasy, a cast of characters (and dinosaurs, of course) move through a dinosaur discovery story with a collection of songs set in both the modern age and the Mesozoic era. Detective Joe Kafootsie and Dr. Vander Plaster Caster enlist the help of kids and a set of parents to find out what happened to the dinosaurs. The songs are upbeat, the styles varying from highly theatrical tangos to swing, country, and pop, and the plot is as much fun as your imagination will allow. Played like a radio drama of old, The Great Dinosaur Mystery does a wonderful job of teaching not only about dinosaurs, but also about good listening skills. Complete with lyrics and some legit facts about our lost megacreatures of long ago, Mystery answers basic questions about certain types of dinosaurs and why they became extinct. But it never even ventures a guess about why we're still so taken with their plight. Is it because, as the cast sings near the end of the record, "dinosaurs are forever?" --Martin Keller "span"Review "span"Join singing paleontologist Dr. Vander PlasterCaster (Michele Valeri), Detective Joe Kafootsie (Joe Pipik), who's working the "strange phenomenon detail", and a bunch of captivating young kids as they try to solve the mystery of museum dinosaur exhibits that come to life-then disappear. Along the way, listeners are treated to some unusually creative, tongue-twisting, but still singable songs about the dinosaurs in question. The Italian-flavored "Mama Maiasaura," about how the "good mother lizard" cared for her babies, is one highlight; "The Bonehead Boogie" ("Pachycephalosaurus always used his head"- say that fast!) is another, and so is "Dinosaurs Forever!," a celebratory anthem that will resonate with any junior dino enthusiast. "Big, Bad Baby Rex"; "Baby Protoceratops"; "Boris Ankylosaurus"- performed in a variety of styles. There's not a sour note in this entire imaginative mix of education and entertainment. A 1998 Parents' Choice® Gold Award. Reviewed by Lynne Heffley, Parents' Choice® 1998"span" -- From Parents' Choice® As other reviewers have said, these DinoRock productions are great for kids. The music quality is fantastic! Each one has several songs that I love to sing along with, and I often sing or hum the catchiest parts off and on during the day.But -- the narration is kind of annoying. And I feel bad expressing this opinion, because I really do like these works, but I would like them so-o-o much better if they had hired professional actors to do the spoken parts. I'm sorry, the tunes are great, but the spoken lines fall flat! Very amateur sounding. I'm pretty sure that even I could do a better job reading the lines. So, if you are easily annoyed by that type of production flaw, be fore-warned. But of course, the kids don't mind, and most assuredly don't even notice.I grew up with Dinorock's "Dinosaur Rock" in record format(!) and was surprised and pleased to find that not only was Dinosaur Rock in CD format, there were other recordings by the same group! My son loves all of them, but I believe that Dinosaur Rock is the superior album. My son asks to listen to this in the car all the time...when I tell him it's time to give Dinosaur Rock a rest. The tunes are catchy and the story is interesting. Definitely worthwhile, but if I were only getting one from this artist, I'd get Dinosaur Rock, not The Great Dinosaur Mystery.Great variety of music styles and songs interspersed between dino facts. Great for my Pre-K schooler, who listens and sings to perfect synch after the 3rd go - around. Not bad for parents listening too. It is rather like a musical about dinosaur so do not expect music in every track (check sampler) but the whole CD creates a fun story for the kids to listen and learn. Some songs have fun with foreign accents, which may be hard for younger kids to understand all the lyrics. But is a great musical with a dinosaur theme.We are just as huge fans of this album as the original. My 3 and 5 year olds listen to it practically on repeat, and I suspect it will get us all the way through grade school.I loved this recording when my children were small, and I bought it again as a CD to listen to with my 4 year old grandson in the car. It makes the 40 minute drive between our houses a pleasure!Purchased for a preschool program . They love the story and songsHighly recommended. Kids love it. More importantly, so do the parents. This CD is so special, it only comes out when we are on long road trips so that it does not become "over played". Once it is dark outside, the kids know that it is time for the Great Dinosaur Mystery.Had to order this as it was played daily in my house about 15 years ago! I've never forgotten the title tune or the Bonehead Boogie