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My adventures in the skull cleaning business, plus the odd deviation into anatomy lessons, hunting, fishing, conservation and general love for the Pacific Northwest.

What kind of skull is this? Spoiler Alert: It’s not a skull!

It’s pretty common for me to get questions about bone identification. If you find a weird looking skull or bone in the forest or on the beach, who better to ask than your local bone cleaner? I have seen a lot of them, after all. There is one type of bone that I get asked about a lot, often because people misidentify it as a skull or at least part of one, and it looks like this:

So what kind of skull is it? Well, it isn’t a skull at all. To be […]

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A Visit to Southeast Oregon & BHA Rendezvous Recap

Last week I closed up shop and headed to Boise, ID for the 2018 Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Rendezvous. I’ve been a member of this group for several years but this was my first time joining their annual event. And if you’re not familiar, BHA is a group of sports men and women dedicated to conserving our public lands – it’s a fast growing, young, diverse group of some truly inspiring and dedicated people.

It only seemed fitting to take a few days ahead of the Rendezvous to enjoy some of the gorgeous public land opportunities that are here in […]

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Flesh Eating Beetle Field Trip

Last week I had the opportunity to stand in front of a classroom full of sixth graders and talk about dead things and flesh eating beetles. One might think that what I do would be too disturbing or gross for kids to handle, but, as I found out, they can handle it better than most adults!

I got invited as a guest speaker to come in and talk about decomposition, since that happens to be my specialty. I figured I’d bring some of my very own decomposers in to share, so I kidnapped some unsuspecting beetles from their warm dark home and […]

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