• Rusted Iron Longhorn Steer Skull Rusted Iron Longhorn Steer Skull
    This longhorn steer skull measures about 2'5" tip to tip, making it a striking but versatile decor piece. It comes from a locally raised meat steer. It's been coated with multiple thin layers of real iron that were given an acid wash to turn it into reddish orange rust. I added a final layer of black patina before burnishing with steel wool to highlight the details of the skull. The horns are polished, but still have some natural character from life on the ranch.
  • Bronze Bison Skull Bronze Bison Skull
    Real American buffalo / bison (Bison bison) skull coated in bronze metal and finished with a black patina that gives it an “antique” quality. The patina is burnished with fine steel wool to highlight and polish the metal underneath. Multiple thin coats allow for an amazing amount of detail to be preserved in this real metal finish. Skull is from a local ranch raised bison.
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