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Since 1886, we have an important task: to create an unmistakable pasta, pursue a tradition without any compromises.
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Shop Saumota Anniversary Party Favors 50pcs Triangle Candy Box Shower Online USA Sale

Ranking TOP16 Home Kitchen => Storage Organization => Clothing Closet Storage Nice heavy duty product with really burley screws, how unusual nowadays. It has a nylon or plastic collet inside that threads to the rod. If you turn the rod you can increase or decrease the pull tension on the rod. Too little and it comes clear out but I got it working slick. We’ll see how long that lasts but I am happy so far. Directions would have been a plus for others I think. I deducted a star for no guidance and slack packaging.Beautiful, wonderful, love it! Definitely buy this valet, I hang my uniform there, or if I'm steaming a garment, I also put it there. It looks like a quality product, Definitely recommend. The valet looks like the more expensive ones that came with my custom closet install, but they all work well, meaning you can easily slide the poll in and out of the housing when you want to extend or retract it. This one is almost impossible to extend and I'm always afraid I'm going to pull it out of the closet system wall trying to do so. Obviously, I don't want to try to oil it in any way, since its purpose is for hanging clothes and I wouldn't want oil dripping on any of my clothes. My work-around was to just pull it out to the extended position and leave it in that position.We are no being overly particular with this particular part of our closet build. They will do for the price, but you may find things you don't like.Pros - It works. It will hold your clothes, can extend, and is easy to install.Cons - It is not machined very well, because if you have the inner tube rotated in certain directions it will stick excessively, making it difficult to fully extend. This tends to mar the finish and rub off the paint, but if you can be disciplined about rotating the inner rod until it extends somewhat more smoothly, then you'll be fine.A few months ago we remodeled our closet. We reconfigured our hanging racks, added drawer units, and lots of little conveniences. These Valet pull-out rods are wonderful. Before getting in the shower, my husband always get out everything he'll be wearing that day. Now his suit, shirt and tie are all on his Valet rod, so he can see the outfit together. I have one in my closet as well. It great for when I'm going out and trying do decide what to wear...but it's also great when I bring the clean laundry in to be put away. The clothing is already on hangers from the laundry room, but I can divide it between my closet and my husbands, then put the clothing on the racks according to color, patterns, etc. Great tool for organizing. Everyone who see these wants them for their closet. They are a great buy and super easy to install. ***You do need to have at least one vertical partition in you hanging area to install this.***Easy to install. Use for hanging my uniform up while putting on all the various items that attach to my shirt. Works as advertised. Wire hangers like those that come from the dry cleaner tend to not be stopped from the front ball/knob... so sometimes the whole hangar slips off the front. I think either a larger ball/knob or a square on the front could prevent this.Installed inside one of my upper cabinets in my laundry room so it completely hides away when not in use. It's come in very handy and has held up beautifully over the past 12 months. We did have to put a 1/4" plywood strip between it and the side of the cabinet because the knob at the end needed a little extra space for clearance because we wanted it to completely recess in order to have it hide away. Wood shims or even compressed cardboard would also possibly work if you were planning a similar type of installation. Love this thing! This isn't a delicate bracket or rod, it is nice and chunky and strong. The rod doesn't pivot, it is straight and slides in and out. We had to get different screws, the ones that came with it had huge rounded heads and were too short for the wall, but the rod is excellent and we would definitely buy it again.We placed the screws at 8" distance but there is room to place them closer or further apart because they did a screw slot rather than screw hole which was pretty smart. I use this all the time, have it on the bathroom wall and can hang clothes out the day before and steam them while they are hanging. Its a perfect product, though they need better screws than the ones included. Shop Saumota Anniversary Party Favors 50pcs Triangle Candy Box Shower Online USA Sale Saumota Anniversary Party Favors 50pcs Triangle Candy Box Shower 12" Valet Rod Standard for Closet Oil Rubbed Bronze OB Metal 32mm hole pattern Packed with euro and sheet metal screws 12" deep X 1-3/4" Extends 9" Color:Oil Rubbed Bronze like those who shop at our shop the team behind the company is energetic, open-minded and appreciates how fashion can form part of a modern lifestyle.


Shop Saumota Anniversary Party Favors 50pcs Triangle Candy Box Shower Online USA Sale