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Ashthorpe 39-Inch Full-Size Electric Guitar with Humbucker Picku UpStart Components 4-Pack BBQ Gas Grill Tube Burner Replacement Musical Instruments => Guitars => Electric Guitars Sale Store 50% Off Clearance Online UpStart Components 4-Pack BBQ Gas Grill Tube Burner Replacement Shop With Cheap Price 100% 39-inch full-size electric guitar: Designed for versatility, with excellent tone, projection, and sound. Features a Humbucker pickup and two controls, 1 for tone and 1 for volume. Created especially for musicians of all levels from beginner to experienced. Iconic design: Crafted based on the classic styling of the legendary design for durability, handling, and phenomenal tone. Featuring a fast, slim maple neck with maple fretboard, and 22 nickel frets. Easy tuning pegs keep strings held in place while playing. Solid poplar body: The contoured, solid poplar body offers comfortable handling, and phenomenal tone. Expertly finished with a transparent wood flame motif for added style and flair. Ideal for all skill levels: Excellent quality electric guitar at an affordable price for all levels of skill; from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced levels. Complete guitar kit: This guitar bundle includes a 39-inch Ashthorpe electric guitar, a premium backpack-style 15mm padded gig bag, shoulder strap, extra strings, cable, 3 celluloid picks, and polishing cloth. Product Description Affordable yet excellent quality, this is the ideal starter electric guitar to inspire any musician. Ashthorpe is known for their exceptional craftsmanship and making guitars that are perfect for beginner to advanced guitar players. This superb bundle has been designed with a classic body for comfort and versatility. It includes a variety of elements that make it a truly complete guitar package, providing value and options for the musician. It boasts a full size, 39-inch frame with a body constructed of solid poplar. This offers great durability, along with a lightweight build that provides excellent tone and very convenient handling. This guitar features a Humbucker pickup for a phenomenally thick tone. It also includes two controls, one control for the tone and one control for volume. A stunning maple neck with a maple fingerboard (fretboard) adds additional top-quality touches that make this guitar both a pleasure to behold and play thanks to its wonderful tone. Keeping with the iconic design inspiration, this guitar features a contoured body and 22 nickel frets. A sleek, wood flame finish adds an elegant touch, ensuring this guitar is always eye-catching. Included in this package is an assortment of extra accessories, such as a 15mm soft storage gig bag with a front pocket and shoulder straps that allow for convenient and secure transport. Additionally, a shoulder strap, extra set of strings, cable, 3 picks, and a cleaning cloth are also included. Experience the Difference Size Full-Size, 39" Electric Guitar Pickup Humbucker Sound Features 2 controls (1 for tone amp; 1 for volume) Materials Solid Poplar Wood Body, Maple Neck amp; Fretboard Includes Ashthorpe Electric Guitar, Premium 15mm Padded Soft Gig Bag, Extra Set of Strings, Cable, Shoulder Strap, Polishing Cloth, 3 Celluloid Picks Ashthorpe - Quality Instruments for Everyday and Everyone Music allows you to speak from the heart in a language everyone can understand. With quality instruments from Ashthorpe you’ll have a constant companion for life. Let your soul soar while you play acoustic and electric-acoustic guitars or let it scream from the rooftops while wailing on an electric guitar. With a wide variety of musical instruments, Ashthorpe will allow you to bang on your drums all day, become a keyboard virtuoso, happily pluck a tune on a banjo, strum a uke or blast on a brass. Regardless of what you love to play, just make sure to express yourself. Whatever your age or skill level, Ashthorpe will make sure all your musical desires are fulfilled. our reputation is our cornerstone we began in 1995 as a small shop selling electrical appliances inside the newyork electric payment centre I’m not happy with my order. I ordered a black guitar, I ended up getting a blue one. I also I went online and saw different guitars, They looked nothing like this. I have an acoustic guitar and this electric guitar sounds the same as it the only difference it was just much quieter. I would not buy this guitar.Had to re-order a Black guitar because they sent me a Blue one. So I had to send that back. Overall, not a bad guitar. I'm putting in a better pickup and may change the neck because I don't like the feel of the maple neck they have. Only problem is, 1 of the 4 screws holding the neck on is in SO tight, I can't get it loose even with my cordless drill set to high torque. Good starter guitar though.I love this guitar. It's looks great. It sounds really good. Such a great instrument. Sounds amazing it's got some weight to it. Looks great love the red.Great quality.Received this guitar in excellent condition. It was exactly what I ordered - the black model. It definitely looks awesome. Tuned it in short order and immediately became a rock legend (just kidding - I’m a total newb).The only gripe I have is the twanging of the E string against the frets when strummed any more vigorously than a soft strum. I’ve had that issue with previous attempts to obtain entry into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, so I’m not too surprised there.All in all, I think this guitar will be everything I hoped it would be when I made my purchase decision: an expensive, cool-looking paperweight collecting dust in my closet that I can sometimes use to fail at impressing chicks with.The guitar is amazing for beginners!! Built very well!! And sound's really good!!! Overall great guitar to start out!! Color I would recommend would be the red or the blue I got the black so definitely go with one of those two your guitar well look so much more cool!! The color black is not bad as a transparent but it would be nice to spice it up to be honest trust me ???????? but great guitar!!! Very good guitar for BEGINERS 5/5But as far as electrics go they could always be built a little better 4/5 CRAFTSMANSHIPVERSATILITY is better but you wouldn't go on stage with such a guitar as to show your talent as well as the budget to support it so 4/5
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50% Off Clearance Online UpStart Components 4-Pack BBQ Gas Grill Tube Burner Replacement Shop With Cheap Price 100%

50% Off Clearance Online UpStart Components 4-Pack BBQ Gas Grill Tube Burner Replacement Shop With Cheap Price 100%
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