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Initially I was so happy to find these blank pads and their smaller counterparts of 3' X 5", but the only thing I liked about them when they arrived was the paper density! Most scratch pads these days are really thin and have lines. These pages were about the thickness of regular notebook paper. But they came sloppily packaged with cardboard dust sticking to each pad.I had to discard the first page of each one as a result. They smelled like glue, and the cardboard backs were not attached well on half of them. Worst of all, the pages do not tear cleanly off the pads, so they can be used only at risk of losing part of what I wrote once the page is torn off. These were a great disappointment and I will not buy them again, nor do I recommend them to others. I will spend a little more and look for better quality pads. These are scratch pads, but we use them as note pads, for more than incidental purposes. As scratch pads, they are OK, but they're designed to be cheap and disposable.Good quality rolling writer pens like these pads, and they grab the ink quite nicely.There are quality problems in the adhesion of the cardboard backing, however. When placed in a small portfolio, the backing comes off, leaving the pad disconnected from the backing, which makes the pad unuseable in business meetings, where a professional appearance would be important. So, i've replaced the unruled pads with ruled pads of a higher quality so that doesn't happen.We've become quite fond of unruled pads because of the implicit limitation of the lines doesn't interfere with our writing and drawing. It's much nicer to write on a fresh, blank piece of paper. I wish that there might have been a higher quality plain paper pad available with better bonding quality. If so, i would buy it.So, these are ok for what they are meant for, so that makes it ok i guess for its intended purpose.Okay, here’s a brief guide to help you decide on whether these notepads are for you.The 4x6 blank pads are a medium thickness, similar to printer paper but maybe a bit smoother. The adhesives holding each pad together were intact on my order and there were no damages or defects. They make for handy pads for those who want to take quick notes or like to doodle/draw.They take ballpoint pens and pencil just fine. You could even give these to kids with crayons or colored pencils and the paper would handle that medium nicely as well.Fine liners, such as Pigma Micron pens (felt tipped) work great. The attached pic shows the front and back of a doodle I made using a Micron 02 pen, just to show you how it handles those.If you like to use ink dip pens, fountain pens, technical pens, such as Rotring Isograoh, or any roller ball ink pens, such as Uniball or Pilot pens, the ink is going to bleed through. The ink will also bleed through if you use heavy markers like Sharpies, or coloring markers.Overall I wanted cheap but decent pads I could sketch and doodle on without feeling guilty if I decided to throw a page out, and these notepads are just right.I'm trying to write reviews for everything I buy, because I rely so heavily on customer reviews with my own purchases. It's hard to have strong opinions about some of these things, though. For example: unlined notepads. You can write on them. They're good for scrap paper and anything else you have to tear away; if you're looking for something that will preserve your work for eons to come, get a pad that's spiral-bound. But they certainly don't suck, especially for how many you get for the price.This is an excellent product. I'm a great fan of note papers. I write all of my ideas and plans on them, and I have them in every room. The paper in these pads is bright white and of high quality. It's a little hard to tear a page out of the middle of the pad--but that is very minor. Some of my notes don't merit such high quality paper--but that's a minor point also. If you are a devotee of white note pads, these will satisfy you well.Buy it! This paper is great. I used to use this paper in college for notes. This is great paper. Good for taking notes or, if you what, write letters. The paper is strong enough for a fountain pen. If you use a fountain pen, which I do, it will not bleed on to the page underneath it. However, it is not so strong that you could write on both sides of one page. You can, but it is something that you can see thought when your writing on the back. Yet, it is possible to use this if your writing to do lists and you don't mind if you see the writing on the back.It is great paper. I will continue buying it. Nice product. Office depot doesn't sell the right size (4 x 6), and the quality of their scratch pads is inferior to this. Thanks!I liked the quality of this product. I use note pads daily and these have a very decent thickness to the paper without being too thick. I’m very happy with this purchase. Cheap Offer Boating Supplies 4- Piece Dual Purpose Adjustable SUP Paddle Kay National uniform free shipping This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. White bond paper is perfect for quick notes. Available in wide selection of sizes: 3 x 5, 4 ¼ x 5 ½, 4 x 6, 5 x 7, 8 ½ x 5 ½, 8 ½ x 11, 8 ½ x 14, 11 x 17, A4 and A5. Pads fit all standard size memo holders. Contains 50 sheets per pad and 10 pads per pack. Gum top keeps pages together and allows for easy sheet removal with a hard chipboard on the back. Product Description High quality value-added paper products for the office, school and home! Memo Pads feature a bright white bond perfect for quick notes. These pads fit all standard size memo holders and can stand alone as well. The gum top keeps pages together and allows for easy sheet removal, Great fit for desktops, briefcases, backpacks and pouches. Each pad contains 50 sheets and are conveniently available in a pack of 10 pads. Whether it's a multi-part form, Notebooks, Writing Pads, Record Books, or any of the hundreds of items we offer, you can count on our products to help! White Ruled Memo Pads To-Do List Notepads Size Various Sizes 8.5" x 11", 8.5" x 5.5" Paper Weight 24lb Bond / 60lb Text 24lb Bond / 60lb Text Color White White Archival Safe ✓ ✓ Count 50 Sheets Per Pad, 10 Pads 50 Sheets Made in the USA Manufactured in the USA. Distributed and packaged by Fine CardStock and Superfine Printing. Office Products => Office School Supplies => Paper our factry has been a leader in top quality, name brand electronics at exceptionally low prices. Boating Supplies 4- Piece Dual Purpose Adjustable SUP Paddle Kay Sale Discounts Memo Pads, White, 50 Sheets Per Pad, 10 Pads (4 x 6)
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Cheap Offer Boating Supplies 4- Piece Dual Purpose Adjustable SUP Paddle Kay National uniform free shipping

Cheap Offer Boating Supplies 4- Piece Dual Purpose Adjustable SUP Paddle Kay National uniform free shipping
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